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The Keating Group is a highly respected provider of trauma, occupational, and sports orthopedics care in Atlanta. The team at The Keating Group is genuinely enthusiastic about helping patients overcome injury and chronic pain, and their compassionate and supportive attitude proves it. 

The Keating Group team offers comprehensive orthopedic care, including independent medical evaluations, orthopedic surgery, regenerative and anti-aging medicine, rehabilitation, and cutting-edge sacroiliac joint fixation. John Keating, MD, the founder of The Keating Group, is well-known in the medical field as a pioneer in the world of sacroiliac joint treatment and has over 30 years of experience in the field of orthopedics. 

Patients from all walks of life, from chronic pain sufferers to professional athletes to those recovering from on-the-job injuries, turn to Keating Group practitioners for their cutting-edge, integrative medical treatments and dedication to providing pain relief.

The Keating Group is accepting new patients. Call the office to arrange an appointment today.

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